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About Me
I'm now a graduated Visual Effects student who is interested in coding, designing, animation, and many other things—especially technical stuff.

I have loved Japanese anime, games, and music since remember, and I want to be the one who takes part in this creative journey so I decided to study animation, motion graphics, and visual effects.

Since I have a dream to build a game on my own I've started coding, and I also love to experience and try out new technologies also explore open-source projects.
Now, I'm learning Python to develop my tools to automate some repetitive tasks and speed up my workflow.
Finally, I love cats. 🐱
Digital Content Creation Software (DCC)
Maya, Cinema 4D, Arnold, Redshift, Unreal Engine,
After Effects, Katana, Deadline,
Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve
Batch Script, Visual Basic,
Python (Learning), Swift (Learning), C++ (Learning)
Self-hosting, Git, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu & Fedora), MacOS,
FFmpeg, Cloudflare, Figma, USD

Soft Skill
- Time Management
- Adaptability
- Fast Learner
- Ability to work in a team
- Ability to multitask

Native speaker.
Proficient in writing, and verbal communication.
Basic, just start learning.
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